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This utility allows you to manage mods for various games such as most Resident Evil games, Devil May Cry 5, SoulCalibur 6 and more. It also allows you to download a lot of mods. It has a built-in trainer for several games. And it has several other additional features.

Fluffy Mod Manager 5000 v3.014

2.81 Mb

Fluffy Manager 5000 or Fluffy Mod Manager WIP is a mod manager, trainer and jukebox all in one! Designed for use in various games from Capcom.

The latest version of the program adds a third-person view for Resident Evil: Village, and also supports the installation of mods in Monster Hunter Rise.

A complete mod manager Fluffy Manager, which is known for its simplicity, stability and support for a large number of games. The program allows you to install modifications for the game in a form convenient for you, disable them and delete them without introducing them into the game itself. You can easily manage mods in games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry 5, SoulCalibur VI and many more.

The manager also includes a built-in trainer and additional features that will help make your game more convenient.

Fluffy Manager Features:

  • Installing mods. It will automatically back up existing files.
  • Removing mods. It will either restore the backup or delete the files depending on the file that exists in the original game.
  • Demonstration of a brief explanation along with a screenshot of the mod (if this information is provided for the mod).
  • Trainer functionality, supports RE HD (release version), RE0 (release version), Revelations, Revelations 2 (v4.1), RE5 (Patch #1), RE4 (v1.0.6), RE6 (v1.0.6), Devil Special edition of May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 2.
  • Support for custom games to manage mods.
  • Jukebox!

History version:


v2.2532: The mod manager now detects the game version and mod version so it can issue a warning if the user tries to install an incompatible mod (this check does not work for RE3 mods that only change pfb, scn or pck formats).


  • Updated third-person mode in Resident Evil: Village to work with the latest RE8 patch.


  • Added support for Monster Hunter Rise demo
  • Fixed app navigation
  • Fixed bugs with incorrect logs

v2.248 (2021-08-19):

  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong menu to be displayed when installing or uninstalling mod add-ons or related mods.
  • Fixed an issue that was hiding the “delete all mods” button in the menu for linked mods.
  • Fixed a very rare crash that could occur when clicking on a window while it was out of focus.

v2.247 from 12.08.2021

  • Compatible with the latest version of Resident Evil: Village
  • Added the ability to search for text by mod names (Mod Filter -> Custom Search).
  • Category Filter option renamed to Mod Filter
  • RE8: Added ability to manually adjust camera offsets for XNUMXrd person trainer mod
  • Added an error message that is displayed if data\data.pkg fails to load.
  • Added a warning message if the mod manager is launched from WinRAR without extracting it first.
  • Made it possible to classify mods as addons for addon mods.
  • Added support for the nameAsBundle entry in modinfo.ini. If it exists, it will be used as the mod’s name in the mod list if add-ons exist for it.
  • Fixed an issue where Fluffy Manager could take slightly more CPU time than intended.
  • If you add “DisableBlur: 1” to the config file then the blur effect will no longer be used in the mod manager (may be useful for troubleshooting).
  • Made it possible to remove installed mods when the path to the game is unknown (however this does not remove installed mod files).
  • You can now bundle mods as one button in the mod list, as long as each mod contains the same “nameAsBundle” entry in the modinfo.ini file.

Version 2.246 dated June 15th:

  • Mod List View with Text Search (Available in Mod Filter -> Custom Search)
  • Camera offset setting for third person mode (Shift+left click on numbers so you change it with text input)
  • Mods can now be categorized as addons for additions to mods.
  • You can add a “NameAsBundle” entry to modinfo.ini which will use the name of the mod if it has addons

Version 2.246: Added third person mode to Resident Evil: Village

Version 2.245:

  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Added support for Resident Evil: Village demo and full game
  • At the moment, the manager also supports the following games: Resident Evil 3 Remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, SoulCalibur VI and other projects.

Usage instruction:

Unpack the program Modmanager to any folder, to any place you want, run the program and select Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo or Resident Evil 3 Remake (any of your games)

next click on the right Define game path

find the folder with the installed game, find in it re3demo.exe or re3.exe

next click on the right mod list

Then where the inscription is now No mods found! your mods will be located, just click on the inscription with the mod and it will install itself into the game itself, to remove it, click on this mod again.

Installing downloaded mods:

Downloaded mods must be copied to the folder with the unpacked program Modmanager namely, inside the Modmanager folder, go to the Games folder and then to the RE3R_Demo or RE3R folder. Unpacking them most often is not necessary, the program will see them directly in the archive

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This utility allows you to manage mods for various games such as most Resident Evil games, Devil May Cry 5, SoulCalibur…
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